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byRana Hassan
March 13, 2024

As someone who has always been captivated by the allure of hidden treasures and lesser-known locales, I find a special kind of excitement in sharing the gems I’ve discovered in the heart of Saudi Arabia. Jeddah, a city that pulses with history, culture, and modernity, is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be unearthed by the eager traveler. In this article, I'll take you on a journey through the best places to visit in Jeddah, each with its own unique story and beauty.


The Marvels of Jeddah


Jeddah, a bustling metropolis, is not just a gateway to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, but a destination rich with its own charms and wonders. As I stroll through its streets, I am struck by the harmonious blend of ancient traditions and contemporary advancements that define this city. The attractions in Jeddah are as diverse as its inhabitants, ranging from breathtaking seaside structures to museums that act as custodians of its storied past.


At every corner, there's a sight to behold, a smell to savor, and a sound to immerse oneself in. As a city that has welcomed pilgrims and travelers for centuries, Jeddah extends its warm embrace to all who seek to explore its depths. It's a place where the past and the present converge, creating a vibrant tapestry of experiences that captivate the soul.


Whether you are an art aficionado, a history buff, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of a seaside sunset, Jeddah has a spot for you. The city is an open canvas, painting a picture of Saudi Arabia that many have yet to see, and I am here to guide you through its mesmerizing landscape.

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1- Al Rahmah Mosque: A Beautiful Seaside Place of Worship


One of the most serene places to visit in Jeddah is the Al Rahmah Mosque, also known as the Floating Mosque. As I approach this architectural marvel, I am greeted by its white façade gleaming against the backdrop of the Red Sea. The mosque's location on the seafront makes it appear as if it is suspended over the water, a sight that takes my breath away each time I visit.


Inside, the mosque is a haven of tranquility. Its spacious interior is adorned with intricate patterns and designs that celebrate Islamic art. The large windows open to the sea, allowing worshippers and visitors alike to pray with the soothing sound of waves in the background. The Al Rahmah Mosque is not just a place of worship but a testament to the harmonious relationship between spirituality and nature.


During my visits, I often find myself lost in contemplation, watching the sunset paint the sky in hues of orange and purple. It's a reminder of the divine beauty that exists in the world and the peace that can be found when one takes a moment to simply be.

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2- King Fahad's Fountain: The Tallest of its Kind in the World


Another spectacle that captures the essence of Jeddah's grandeur is King Fahad's Fountain, also known as the Jeddah Fountain. Jetting water to an astonishing height of over 850 feet, it claims the title of the tallest fountain in the world. The first time I witnessed this colossal fountain in action, I was spellbound by the sheer force and elegance with which the water ascended towards the heavens.


The best time to visit the fountain is at night when it is illuminated by a myriad of lights that accentuate its splendor against the night sky. The sight is so captivating that it draws people from all around, each pausing their busy lives for a moment to gaze at this marvel. It's a powerful reminder of human ingenuity and the beauty we can create when we harness the elements.


As I stand by the fountain's edge, the cool mist on my face and the sound of the cascading water in my ears, I am filled with a sense of awe. King Fahad's Fountain is not just a landmark; it is a performance that speaks to the heart of anyone who has had the pleasure of witnessing it.

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3- Al-Balad: Jeddah's Historic District


Delving into the heart of Jeddah's history, Al-Balad stands as a cultural cornerstone of this ancient city. Walking through the narrow alleys of this historic district, I am transported back in time. The air is thick with the aroma of spices and the sound of merchants hawking their wares just as they have for centuries. The buildings, with their iconic rawashin — intricate wooden window frames — tell stories of a bygone era.


Al-Balad is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it doesn't take long to see why. Every corner holds a piece of history, from the aged bricks of the ancient homes to the traditional souks where one can find anything from gold to richly woven fabrics. As I explore, I can't help but feel a deep connection to the past, a sense of walking in the footsteps of those who built this city.


The district comes alive at night, with families and tourists alike wandering through its streets, each eager to experience the magic that Al-Balad exudes. It is a place where the past coexists with the present, where one can touch, taste, and see the living history of Jeddah.

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4- Jeddah Corniche: A Stunning Waterfront Area


The Jeddah Corniche, a sprawling promenade that stretches along the Red Sea coast, is yet another jewel in the city's crown. It's a place where the sea meets the city, where locals and visitors come to soak in the view and enjoy the gentle sea breeze. The Corniche is a testament to Jeddah's love affair with the sea, a relationship that has defined its identity for generations.


During my leisurely walks along the Corniche, I am struck by the laughter of children playing in the parks, the sight of families picnicking, and the fishermen patiently waiting for their catch. It's a slice of everyday life set against the backdrop of the vast and mesmerizing Red Sea. The Corniche offers not just a view but an experience that encapsulates the spirit of Jeddah.


When the sun sets, the Corniche takes on a different character. The path is lined with sculptures and installations that are beautifully lit, creating a gallery under the stars. It is a favorite spot for an evening stroll, a place to reflect and find solace in the rhythmic lapping of the waves.

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5- Tayebat Museum: A Journey through Saudi History


Among the places to visit in Jeddah that resonate with the echoes of the past is the Tayebat Museum. This museum is a fortress of knowledge, housed in a building that is a work of art in itself. Its design is inspired by traditional Hijazi architecture, making it a fitting home for the vast collection of artifacts that tell the story of Saudi Arabia's rich history.


As I wander through the museum's halls, I am greeted by displays that span from pre-Islamic times to the modern era. Each exhibit is carefully curated to provide a comprehensive narrative of the region's evolution. I find myself lost in the depth of information, each artifact providing a window into the lives of those who came before us.


The Tayebat Museum is not just a repository of history; it is a bridge that connects the present to the roots of Saudi culture. It offers a chance to understand the journey of a nation and the people who have shaped its destiny. Visiting the museum is an enlightening experience, one that leaves me with a profound appreciation for the rich tapestry that is Saudi heritage.

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6- Nassif House Museum: A Glimpse into Jeddah's Past


Continuing my exploration of Jeddah's historical narrative, I find myself at the Nassif House Museum. This grand residence was once home to one of Jeddah's most influential families and has since been transformed into a museum that encapsulates the life and times of its former inhabitants.


The architecture of Nassif House is a marvel, with its imposing facade and intricate wooden balconies. Inside, the rooms are filled with furnishings and memorabilia that offer a glimpse into the domestic life of a bygone era. Each room tells a different story, from the grand reception halls to the private quarters, all preserved with great care.


Visiting Nassif House Museum is like stepping into a page of history. It allows for an intimate encounter with the personal histories that have shaped Jeddah. It's a reminder of the city's enduring legacy and the people who have contributed to its growth and prosperity.

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7- Jeddah Open Museum: Outdoor Art in the Heart of the City


Art enthusiasts will find their haven at the Jeddah Open Museum, an outdoor gallery that celebrates the creativity and vision of artists from Saudi Arabia and beyond. Tucked away within the city, this museum is a refreshing change from the enclosed spaces of traditional galleries, offering a unique way to experience art.


As I stroll through the museum, I am surrounded by a diverse array of sculptures and installations that challenge and delight the senses. Each piece has its own story, its own message to convey. The open-air setting allows for a dialogue between the artwork and the environment, creating an immersive experience that is both thought-provoking and enjoyable.


The Jeddah Open Museum is a testament to the city's commitment to cultivating an appreciation for art in public spaces. It invites passersby to pause and reflect, to engage with the art in a way that is accessible and unrestrictive. It is a place where the beauty of creativity is celebrated in the everyday.

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8- House of Islamic Arts: A Treasure Trove of Islamic Art


For those drawn to the spiritual and aesthetic beauty of Islamic art, the House of Islamic Arts is a destination not to be missed. This museum houses an exquisite collection of Islamic manuscripts, textiles, and artifacts that span centuries and regions.


Each exhibit within the House of Islamic Arts is a testament to the skill and devotion of artisans who have dedicated their lives to their craft. The intricate calligraphy, the detailed metalwork, and the vibrant ceramics all speak to the heart of Islamic artistic expression. As I peruse the collection, I am reminded of the profound impact that art can have on our understanding of culture and faith.


The museum not only showcases the beauty of Islamic art but also serves as an educational resource, offering insights into the history and techniques behind the works on display. It is a sanctuary for art lovers and a place of learning for those seeking to deepen their appreciation of Islamic cultural heritage.


Other Notable Places to Visit in Jeddah


The wonders of Jeddah do not end with the destinations I've described. The city is filled with numerous other attractions that deserve a place on any traveler's itinerary. From the bustling fish market, where the day's catch is an attraction in itself, to the modern shopping malls that offer a glimpse into the city's cosmopolitan side, Jeddah is a city of contrasts and surprises.


For nature lovers, the Fakieh Aquarium offers a journey into the underwater world of the Red Sea, while the Silver Sands Beach provides a serene escape with its pristine shores. There's also the Jeddah Sculpture Museum, which displays an impressive collection of contemporary works set against the city's stunning vistas.


Each of these additional places to visit in Jeddah adds another layer to the city's rich tapestry, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Whether you're looking to immerse yourself in culture, enjoy leisurely activities, or simply bask in the beauty of nature, Jeddah has it all.

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Tips for Touring Jeddah


Touring Jeddah is an adventure in itself, and to make the most of your journey, here are a few tips. First, dress modestly to respect the local customs and culture. Lightweight, loose-fitting clothing is ideal for the warm climate. Secondly, be prepared for the heat by staying hydrated and wearing sunscreen, especially when exploring outdoor attractions.


Public transportation is available, but renting a car or using ride-hailing services can offer more flexibility in your travels. Additionally, many of Jeddah's historic sites are best explored on foot, so comfortable walking shoes are a must. Lastly, learn a few phrases in Arabic; a simple "shukran" (thank you) can go a long way in showing respect and building rapport with the locals.


Why Jeddah Should Be Your Next Travel Destination?


Jeddah is a city that defies expectations, a place where history, culture, and modernity dance together under the Arabian sun. The places to visit in Jeddah that I have shared with you are but a snapshot of what this vibrant city has to offer. It is a destination that invites you to explore, to learn, and to be inspired.


From the spiritual serenity of Al Rahmah Mosque to the historical richness of Al-Balad, and from the artistic havens like the House of Islamic Arts to the natural beauty of the Jeddah Corniche, Jeddah is a city that holds infinite possibilities for discovery. It's a city that has captured my heart, and I have no doubt it will capture yours too.


So, if you're seeking an unforgettable travel experience, let Jeddah be your guide. Explore the best of Saudi Arabia with our best-tailored Saudi Arabia tours. Embark on a journey through time, art, and the wonders of the Red Sea. Jeddah awaits, and its hidden gems are ready to be revealed.

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